Who we are


  • 1979: TECNOGI’s core business is the production of impregnated and plastic materials for use in counters and toe-puffs for shoes.
    In addition, TecnoGi produces and distributes reinforcement materials and hot-melt adhesives for the shoe and leathergoods industries. TecnoGi has since experienced continuous growth and has established a number of subsidiaries, including: 
  • 1995 TECNOGI JASMINE: is a company based in China - Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, has developed, produced and marketed thermoplastic toe-puffs and counters as well as solvent activated products and other reinforcement materials.

  • 1997 TECNO GI PLAST : production unit for extruded materials.

  • 1999 TECNOGI INDIA Pvt Ltd: TecnoGi established a Joint-venture in 1999 to process and distribute TecnoGi materials to the Indian market.
    Two facilities, one in South (Chennai), one in North (Agra), offer cut, skived and pre-moulded counters and toe-puffs to our customers in these regions.

  • 1999 SIPOL: production of polyester and polyammide polymers and hot –melts adhesives .
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Throughout the years TecnoGi has created a dynamic and innovation-oriented group that operates with success in the shoe-components sector.
Our core business is the production of toe-puffs, counters materials and reinforcements for shoes
TecnoGi has successfully developed an International network and has founded various controlled Companies.
These factors, together with a constant attention to the quality, the service and the process and product innovation, have contributed to the Company’s success.
Nowadays TecnoGi plays a leader role in the world market, with a significant presence in more than 70 countries in all the continents.
Our mission is to be at the forefront in guaranteeing the best products, service and assistance to the shoe brands and factories, wherever in the world they are producing.
Our aim is to develop long term partnerships with our customers.