Company Policy

TecnoGi operations conform to Italian and European regulations related to environment protection and worker safety/hygienic protection.
Since the year 2000 Tecnogi obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification (nowadays ISO 9001:2015), during 2009 obtained the certificate BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (occupational health and safety assessment series)
And during 2013 obtained the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 .
TecnoGi is SATRA member.

Quality, environmental, health and safety policy

Ensure the effectiveness and the efficiency of the service to comply with contractual requirements, customer’s expectations and applicable standards, giving tasks and responsibilities and defining appropriate working methods;
Analize the environment context identifying the relevant internal and external factors and the requirements of the concerned parties, determining risks and opportunities and planning the actions to face them;

Make the employees aware of the requirements established by the Integrated Management System to contribute to the positive realization of the company policy and targets;

Identify customer’s expectations, assess his satisfaction and analyze the competitive capacity of the competitors;

Set measurable objectives of continual improvement concerning the quality of the product, the service and the market price ensuring always and anyway the safety on the workplace and the environmental protection;

Adopt a broad concept of innovation applied both to the products, in order to extend the range of products available and to the company processes (design, supplying, production, marketing, quality management);

Develop and produce articles in compliance with the current regulation, using, where possible, recycled or biodegradable raw materials and anyway free of substances hazardous  to  health and environment;

Quality, environmental, health and safety policy

Maintain all the processes in compliance with the legal regulations, including those concerning the  Environment, the workers Health, the Safety in order to prevent  risks and pollution;

Promote and put into practice every initiative in order to minimize the risks and the environmental impacts, to eliminate the causes which can harm the safety and the health of the own personnel and the other workers in situ, as well as all the interested parties;

Adopt business strategies to satisfy the requirements of the Far East market, in relation to the consolidation of the export at the world level and in particular in  those markets;

Develop a constructive cooperation, based on the greatest  transparency and trust, both within the company and with all the interested parties.

Enviromental Sustainability

For more than ten years, TecnoGi has concentrated its research activity into strategic development of recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

All our extruded materials are now fully recyclable.
The use of polymers derived from renewable sources is constantly increasing.

One recent development is the BIOREL range: fully biodegradable counter, toe-puff and reinforcement materials.

BIOREL has been manufactured by transforming polymers derived from renewable sources.

BIOREL’s chemistry has incorporated natural starches to allow for complete biodegradability.

BIOREL has been certified as biodegradable and compostable by the specialized OWS institute, based in Gent – Belgium.

BIOREL fully conforms to International rules EN 13432 and ASTM 6400. After 60 days in composting conditions, BIOREL loses more than 87% of its total weight.